Each job we do at Calero is different and is tailored to your needs, we will be happy to inform you about the binding process of your project. We use the noblest materials on the market: leather, parchment, linen, 24k gold or silver... Being a completely handmade process, delivery times vary depending on many factors and are approximate.

Traditional binding

Traditional binding work in leather or cloth, full paste or Dutch with plain or hand-painted paper. Different types of finish, with a great variety and colors to choose. All our works are personalized.

Honor book

Honor books or Guest book with case. We look after every detail

Planning book, travel book, agendas

In leather or parchment. Agendas can be personalized with initials and in different colors

piel o pergamino. 

Photo Album

Album fully personalized in measurements and number of sheets, with glass paper between the pages for greater protection of the photographs. 

Japones stitching

 A style of stitching that originates in Japan and is becoming increasingly popular with design agencies párrafo. 

Luxury works

Luxury work on special skins, with 24 k gold cuts, silk guards, lighting and calligraphy


Boxes and Cases

All our presentation boxes are designed to inspire, whether you are looking to create a stylish presentation case or find a little magic with our magnetic closure boxes, all of these are handcrafted using only the finest materials and finishes.

Photo Frame

The photo frame are made in very fine goat skin. We have a great variety of colors.


The vadé usually have a tab to introduce documents. They give a touch of class to the desks.